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Public Speaking

Stewart is available for booking to speak at events

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EighteenSeven Said Podcast

This episode is a bit about addiction but mainly about a man in recovery who wrote a fantastic book about his lived experience of alcohol addiction and his recovery journey.

The book is called Me and My Addiction, Written by Stewart Lee.

This is an infuriating and empowering story about the guy we all know who needs a shake or a cuddle. 

This book will help those who struggle with addiction and those who struggle with caring for an addict to understand each other.

A great read.

To buy the book, HERE. If you have read it, leave a review.

The EighteenSeven Saiid Podcast


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Police and Crime Commission Seminar

I recently attended a Police and Crime Commission seminar on tacking drugs in Devon. There were councillors from all different areas of Devon listening to presentations from different authorities on what they are doing to try and prevent the use of drugs and helping addicts. 

I was asked to give a speech about lived experience and asked questions from the floor on what i thought would be an effective method of helping the issues.

“Stewart was invited to join our councillor advocate seminar which focused on one of the Police and Crime Commissioners policing priorities of tackling drugs.

“He shared an honest account of his journey with the Commissioner, local councillors, police staff and members from local authorities.

“His truthful account of the addictions he had, and his decision to make a change was both informative and inspiring for those that attended.”


Elizabeth Record

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

May 2023

Jack's Podcast

Here is the first podcast I appeared on a few years ago. Long before I considered writing a book.