Me and My Addiction

Me and My Addiction tells the intense, but overall positive, account of one man’s battle to break free from a life heavily impacted by alcoholism. This thought-provoking book gives the reader a no holds barred, insight into addictions, and their power to change people’s lives, often without the victim realising until it’s too late.

Stewart’s reflection of the problems around addiction, along with his real, raw and (brutally!) honest stories will open your mind to see life through the eyes of an addict. 

If you think you, or maybe someone you know, may have an issue with alcohol it provides answers to the questions that many are afraid to ask, a deeper understanding of how addiction works, along with hope that it’s possible to break the cycle of destruction and to turn your life around.


Where to buy

The book is now available to buy in digital format through Amazon and Apple. Also available in paperback copy from Amazon. Use the links below to access the book for sale on each platform.

Cover Design

I wanted the cover design to be more personal so I decided on the image that I wanted and had a photo taken for reference

I asked my tattoo artist if he could draw the image for me to make it a one of a kind unique image that really stands out

I'm sure you'll agree that this image drawn using charcoal really makes the book cover stand out.

Scott decided to add some discreet touches to the image and its even better than I had imagined it would be.

Cover art by Scott Wakeham of Dark Arts Tattoo in Exeter.


Advance readers of the book gave the following reviews. 

Martin Matthews

EighteenSeven Said Podcast

"Today I finished reading a very intense book, written by whom I sure will turn out to be a very accomplished young Author Stewart Lee. The book "Me and my addiction" is a very disturbing true-life account of Stewart's demons, which consumed much of his young days. It does not hold back, and gives the reader a no holds barred, insight into addictions, and their propensity to change people’s lives, often without the victim realizing until it’s too late. As he says in the contents, Addiction does not discriminate. Working as a pub Manager when you are an alcoholic, is a method of accelerating the downward spiral which is evidenced quite explicitly in his plain speaking.

A very intense and emotional account of one person’s battle to fight back, and turn your life around

Bravo, a great and thought provoking read"

"A depressingly funny, sad and hopeful read about some of the things you wish you knew about addiction but were, like many afraid to ask.

We all know the main character and will all have had something cruel and unsupportive to say. But he is everyone we know and love. 

If you want to learn how equally strong and fragile the human condition is you must read this book."

Tracy Bennellick

"Me and My Addiction is a raw, honest, and unflinching account of Stewart's years of alcohol and drug abuse and his subsequent journey through recovery.  The way he has recounted his experiences takes you into the mind of an addict and gives an insight into how their thinking works and the many creative and, often crazy, ways that they attempt to justify their behaviour.

It's not a step by step guide on what addiction looks like and how to fix it but a story of one man's desire to break free from a life heavily impacted by alcoholism.  If you think you may have an issue with alcohol (or maybe someone you know) it will give you a better understanding of how addiction works and how the cycle of destruction can be broken.

A truly fantastic read that shines a light on addiction but also the benefit of recovery.  Well done Stewart, this will be a valuable resource to so many who find themselves in a similar position."

Richard Beauvoisin

"A genuine and honest account of how one man can go from the pits of life, to getting back on track. If you have gone through (or know anyone else who is) any form of addiction, then this book can help you get on the right path. Written in a way that will help you relate to the issues and problems around addiction and the ups and downs of recovery. This book simply made me think… 5 star review."